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Nu Phoenix Tears – CBD


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Phoenix Tears (or Rick Simpson Oil, RSO) has gained much popularity as a cure for cancer. This oil is made using grain alcohol as a solvent to strip the resin, or trichomes/crystals, from the dried plant. The solvent is then evaporated o leaving a very thick, molasses-like substance, which can be applied to the skin topically, orally ingested, or vaporized.

Pure decarboxylated cannabis oil extracted with grain alcohol, grape seed oil, Nu Phoenix Tears are available in CBD, 1:1, and THC formulations with a 200-600 mg cannabinoid content. Source products used for extraction are grown according to GMP and GPP standards without the use of pesticides and free of heavy metals.

This CBD Phoenix Tears contains 200mg of CBD per 1ml unit. Also available in THC and 1:1 variety.


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