Bud-Struck: Five Celebrities Who We Would Happily Smoke With

Writer’s block can be a real pain in the ass.

Even with the vast spectrum of topics that the magical world of marijuana offers, as a blog writer one may occasionally find oneself in a mental pitfall, a state of mind where every contender for a viable blog topic seems like absolute garbage. Write about cool places to blaze? Did that last week? How about myths surrounding cannabis? Fuck, did that one too.

Holding off on this one until Halloween.

In these moments of creative befuddlement, it is sometimes nice to sit back, puff away on a fine indica, and look to other blogs for inspiration.

Just so you are aware, there is an entire website dedicated to cats in bread.

After briefly combing the internet, we came to the conclusion that people love to blog about three topics: veganism, parenting, and celebrities. Veganism and marijuana, while they do have some overlaps (I’m look at you, hippies), doesn’t make for the most enticing blog material. And it’s probably a good idea to leave parenting out of this one entirely.

So that only leaves the world of the celebrities. As it turns out, famous people like getting high as hell too. Lots of them do. Rather than rattling off every Jack and Jill who toke up away from the eyes of the camera, we decided to throw together a compilation of those star-studded elite who we would personally love to pass the bong to.


Seth Rogan


It would be pretty difficult for us to make this list without including the jovial Seth Rogan. Not only is this successful Canadian comedian renowned for his ability to hit gravity bongs like no tomorrow, but he also seems like an all around relatable guy who probably would leave the smoking circle in hysterics.

Despite his legendary smoking abilities, even Seth can occasionally have a little too much, as evidenced by a story of him getting absolutely wrecked off edibles prior to boarding a flight. After sitting aboard the plane for a few hours, he started to panic and rant to his fellow passengers that he did quote ‘not have a seizure’ unquote. While this was likely pretty stressful for everyone involved, it is easy to look back on it and laugh. Especially when you consider the fact that he blamed the episode on an angry whopper from Burger King.

Looks good.


Snoop Dogg

Casually wearing his finest high school teacher attire.

Yeah, yeah, we know, this list could probably not get more generic. Real talk though, Snoop is an absolute icon in the world of marijuana, and has been smoking away on his signature blunts for decades. We feel that hanging with the Doggfather himself would be an indescribable honour, but must confess that, even as professional consumers of cannabis, we would be just a little concerned with keeping up with his royal highness.

On that day, many munchies were had.

This man has mad respect outside the stoner and hip-hop communities, and was even invited to The White House back in 2015 to go hang out with Obama. While they (probably) didn’t get baked together, the rapper alleges that he snuck off at some point during the tour and tied off a couple joints with a White House staff member. We really, really hope they hotboxed the Situation Room.

Oh, and he also sold weed to Cameron Diaz. We are far from celebrity enthusiasts but something about that seems pretty damn cool.


Sarah Silverman

‘Hey you! Pass the blunt.’

As far as comedians go, Sarah has been consistently funny for years, and has show little sign of slowing down. While she doesn’t indulge in the sticky stuff too much before hitting the stage, she has confessed in a number of interviews that she is quite experienced with getting chonged after the curtains close.

Sarah definitely is an all around dope individual who would contribute to some great stoner talks, and is even no stranger to getting high with her own family. While being interviewed by Conan O’Brien she admitted that she has taken brownies with her mom (at a bar mitvah of all places) and also taken some big ol’ bong chops with her father.

We were too lazy to research and determine what their names are, but can safely assume that the whole Silverman clan is a good crew to smoke with.


Brad Pitt

Where Am I?

There are few true stoners out there who cannot say that they haven’t watched Fight Club at least once while under the influence. Pitt, one of the main actors in the film, has a reputation for being a not-so-closet stoner. Despite getting jacked as hell for his performance, he was also apparently off on the sidelines rolling up what other celebrities have described as god-tier doobies. So he was ripped while being ripped. Get it?

We suck!

This legendary actor is no stranger to spreading the love as well, and there is even footage of him smoking up with also-legendary director Quentin Tarantino. Remember Inglorious Basterds? Apparently all Tarantino had to do to get Pitt to step into the shoes of the starring role was show up to his house with a script and some herbal accompaniments.


Woody Harrelson

This isn’t even from a movie.

In many of his films, Harrelson plays a tough, gritty character who draws comparisons to about fifty percent of the stereotypes associated with Southern dudes. Away from the camera, he is quite the opposite and is in fact a vegan, conservationist, and, most importantly, a big-time stoner.

His exploits towards protesting the criminalization of cannabis smokers are impressive to say the least, and he has been an active participant in a number of demonstrations revolving around weed and the environment. While he doesn’t fulfil all of the classic Texan stereotypes, he certainly does live up the American love of freedom.

One of our favourite quotes of his: ‘I do smoke, but I don’t go through all this trouble because I want to make my drug of choice legal. It’s about personal freedom.’ What a champ.

Weed is cool.


There are a lot of really chill people out there and it is likely not by pure coincidence that some of them end up in the limelight. As an online business, BudDrop technically doesn’t have a head office or headquarters like a traditional business, but, if the opportunity to arose for one of the aforementioned folks to come visit, we would certainly have to make one and smoke through all of our product. All five of them would definitely be awesome smoking buddies.

We solemnly mean that. They have stellar personalities.

It’s totally not the boatloads of cash they carry around.


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