Enjoy Smoking Cannabis Without The Smell

Unless you like your significant other crinkling their nose and raising their eyebrows every time they enter your weed-smelling pad, you probably would like to go on enjoying both your bong and your partner without all the judgemental gestures.

Do you feel like you’re a walking advertisement for marijuana smoking because strangers always cast these suspicious looks at your clothes? And when you sniff at said clothes they have the unmistakable aroma of yesterday’s pot.

Good as it is to get one relaxed, mellow, and chilled, smoking marijuana has a stench that we could all do without. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a night of toking and next morning to go out smelling fresh like a daisy?

And it’s not just the smell.

The eyes too are treacherous.

If your eyes turn vampire-eyes red after a few puffs then if the smell doesn’t betray you, your eyes would. All anyone has to do is look into those bloodshot eyes to know you’re high as a kite.

You really need to disguise all those telltale signs and evidence of your favorite pastime.

Luckily there are ways for you to do just that. Smoke marijuana like a fiend but when you mingle with the public you won’t stand out as the pothead you are.

Body Spray

So you’re going to an important meeting and fearing that your nerves might betray you, you think it’s a good idea to calm those frayed nerves with a quick toke in the car.

Close all windows, light up and a few hits later you feel your confidence creeping back in. You’re ready to nail that meeting.

You hide the evidence, leave your car and head to the place of the meeting. Only the people around you are staring. And then you realize that you must be reeking of marijuana. Suddenly all that acquired confidence is replaced with panic.

Maybe you should have cracked the windows a little.

Fight that lingering smell a good body spray. Keep a bottle in your car for emergencies like these. Even if you haven’t been smoking the night before, the permanent smell in your place gets absorbed by your clothes.

Before you leave your pad or your car treat your clothes to a generous spray of the stench-killing liquid.

Keep it in your car, gym bag, or even your marijuana kit. Choose a brand that is strong and can disguise the strongest smells.

Care For Your Eyes

But it’s not just the smell that draws the stares of strangers at you. Your eyes, the innocent globes of honesty they are, reveal your hidden secrets too.

Some people have a biological reaction to THC which manifests itself in the ocular blood vessels getting dilated. This reaction gives your eyes a tint in one of the many shades of red. From rose to pink to bloodshot.

It’s a natural thing and believe it or not is a healthy sign as well. You see, one of the health benefits of cannabis is that it lowers your blood pressure. Which is why those blood vessels in your eyes dilate in response and fill up with blood.

In addition, THC also lowers the intraocular pressure in your eye thus protecting you from glaucoma.

So when your eyes get the red treatment after a few hits it’s a good sign that THC is working not just getting you high, but protecting your blood pressure and those pretty eyes of yours against eye disease.

Still, nobody likes to flash red eyes at people in public. Which is where your trusty eye drops come in.

Aim at the corner of each eye and let loose a few drops and blink a few times. Voila. Your eyes look as serene as the eyes of a monk after an exceptionally long session of meditation.

If you use eye contacts, make sure to use the liquid after you toke. Your eyes will get dry thanks to the green herb. Use a few drops to ease the uncomfortable feeling.

Beware Your Mouth

Here’s another part of you that can’t wait for you to meet a stranger before it starts tattling on you. Even if you don’t say a word, all you have to do is open your mouth and evidence comes shooting out from between your teeth.

And boy is that stench overpowering?

Think garlic, padek, sauerkraut, and kimchi all mixed together and left to rot even more for a thousand years in a dark place.

If you think that’s disgusting you should the face of the person standing in front of you and getting a dose of the stuff from your mouth.

Gross doesn’t even begin to describe it.

So why should you subject unsuspecting strangers to this form of legal torture? It’s unethical, not to mention it would dramatically reduce your social life to your bong pals. In other words, your sex life will be as good as extinct.

To avoid such a terrible fate, keep your pockets stocked with mint, gums and breath fresheners. Pop in a new gum before you go out to face the innocents in the street.

And don’t forget about mouthwash. Indispensable for the bong lover everywhere. That stuff is a miracle. No matter what stinky stuff you inhaled just a few minutes ago, fill your mouth with the mouthwash, swirl it around for about 30 seconds and spit it out. And now you have a clean breath as fresh as the morning dew.

Taking care of your personal hygiene is important for the pot-lover in all of us. If you don’t clean up your pad and air it regularly, the pot aroma will stick to your clothes and alert the strangers to your private habits.

So always arm yourself with a body spray, eye drops, and a few pieces of gum to avoid any awkward social interactions with the unsuspecting public.


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