BudDrop Presents: Vacation Planning, Stoned

Hey! Attention all criminals! Yeah, that’s right you, reading this sentence…

‘Yes sir?’

Don’t you know that marijuana is illegal?

In fact, within Canada, the general criminal penalty for possession of marijuana, as spelled out in the lovely Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, can be up to six months in jail or a fine of $1,000 dollars. In the eyes of the law, the use of marijuana is clearly a deplorable act, punishable by only the most swift and decisive blows of the great hammer of justice.

Look who got into the evidence locker…

Except for its when it comes to medicinal marijuana, of course. To those suffering from cataracts, chronic pain, Alzheimer’s, ADD, colitis, cancer, brain injuries, epilepsy, hepatitis C, sleep disorders, sexual dysfunction, PTSD, Parkinson’s, depression, or those really super fun things called migraines, we apologize for casting you in the same light as malicious criminals.

Pictured: average weed smoker.

Alright, we know our readers aren’t dumb, just stoned.

Toking up in Canada, while illegal, probably isn’t the worst crime that you could be committing. There are still much more horrible atrocities out there such as, you know, murder.

In fact, as most of you likely know, this former breach of authority is actually going to be a thing of the past come October 17th, when Canadian cannabis becomes perfectly fucking legal (we’ve said that before and we’ll say it again).

‘Smoke all ya want, eh bud.’

Even though we are already graced with pretty damn lax marijuana laws, that date in October is going to be an achievement for stoners and medical patients alike. While we may have it fine and dandy in our wondrous Northern paradise, however, marijuana laws throughout the World differ from country to country.

While some jurisdictions have already decided to legalize it (whatup California), there are other places where it is not only frowned up by law enforcement, but also society in general. So, on that note, sit back, spark up something nice, and let’s take a quick round-the-world tour and find out how marijuana is defined by other nations.


United Arab Emirates

Not close to Canada.

UAE is not really a stranger to … intense customs. When it comes to their drug laws, things are no different. Being caught with just a trace amount of any banned substance, including cannabis, will incur more than just a fine: the minimum sentence is four years in prison.

That’s right, the minimum. The authorities here are major sticklers when coming into and leaving the country as well, with many tourists being busted by high tech security stations at some of the country’s airports.

If you think you are crafty and are good at concealing some tiny THC capsules that you purchased in Amsterdam in your sock, think again- travellers are often subjected to random drug tests and security checkpoints carry sensors designed to pick up even the slightest trace of weed. Yikes.



Would live here.

Drug cartels do not provide the best PR for a country.

‘Would you care for some complimentary breakfast?’

Despite the continuous issues that Mexico faces as a result of its infamous gangs, however, the wares that they peddle are actually decriminalized. As of several years ago, one is able to carry up to 5 grams of marijuana without living in fear of persecution or imprisonment.

As the drug violence continues, it is actually possible that these laws are going to become even more slack as a way of diluting profits away from the reckless criminal organizations. It probably isn’t your best interest to walk around the streets of Mexico city sparking up a multitude of blunts, but you are certainly going to have a better trip here than…



Despite the smile, no weed was involved in the picture on the left.

Japan? What in the fuck? You’d think with the prevalence of all of the neon lights, delicious cuisine, and outrageous cartoons that this country would be among the most stoned in the world.

These fallacies can be put to rest with two simple facts: one, marijuana can cost up to nearly $60.00 American dollars per gram. Two, the zero-tolerance policy instilled by lawmakers when it comes to drugs can put those who are caught in jail for up to five years.

The use of marijuana is not only explicitly forbidden within Japan- those who attempt to enter the country with any sort of prior drug conviction may be turned away by customs. Despite Japan being praised as a progressive and advanced nation, we sometimes have to question some of the decisions of the lawmakers who dwell here.

‘Sorrynotsorry motherfucker!’



Hazy lookin place.

Hands up if you know what Columbia is famous for! That’s right, their fruit juices are absolutely spectacular, with their natural bounty of passionfruit, oranges, and guava coming together to create a cornucopia of delicious flavours!

It comes in cans now!

Jokes, they have a pretty gnarly reputation as being a big hub for the cocaine trade. Much like Mexico, the long and violent history of this South American nation has lead to marijuana gradually being viewed as essentially harmless through the lens of the law.

While still technically illegal, police forces here generally turn their attention towards other, more serious matters. In addition, the tropical climate is perfect for growing absolutely enormous plants.



Ever seen this building?

Walking through the Louvre whilst absolutely tripping away on edibles seems like a dream come true.

Unfortunately, to partake in such an act is consider very, very illegal in this well-travelled nation. As stated within their governing laws, all illicit drugs are viewed within the same light, and all technically impose the same criminal penalties, no matter the amount at stake.

France is a absolutely beautiful country with storied history and architecture unlike any other… but come on guys, the Netherlands is right next door, what are you even thinking?

‘Join us!’

We are just waiting for the government to realize the Eiffel Tower could easily be mistaken for a massive joint so that they revert these rules.



Nice water.

Who doesn’t want to take a holiday in Cambodia? In modern times at least… this hot and tropical country is a renowned travel destination for oh so many reasons, among them the fact that menu items have a tendency to start with the word ‘happy’.

Weed is cool.

We’ll give you a couple guesses to figure out what that means… While marijuana is certainly still illegal within Cambodia, with drug users being subjected to harsh penalties, it is still generally culturally accepted. Tourists be warned, restaurants here have a reputation for serving up their edible treats in mighty doses that could sedate even the most experienced weed users.



It’s actually this nice.

Want to smoke weed? Come to Portugal? Want to inject ketamine? We certainly do not condone this whatsoever, but if you really, really want to in the most lawful manner possible, then Portugal might be the place for you.

Why, you ask? Well, you see, in 2001 Portugal decriminalized all drugs. All of them.


This radical legal decision was put into a place as a method of combatting a heroin epidemic that was wreaking havoc in major cities.

The crazy thing is that it actually worked- rather than punishing drug user with prison sentences and fines the government instead has a program that makes serious offenders go for substance abuse treatment. We’re pretty sure you can get away with smoking a little bit here and there, but don’t quote us on it.

Not related, but these bears are cute as shit.


In today’s day and age, we have more access to visiting other countries than ever. In Canada, we also happen to have access to a business that literally delivers fantastic, potent marijuana straight to your door.

Sometimes these two entities don’t mix, therefore we advise that all of our readers do some fact checking before hitting the travels while hitting the smoke. We hope this article has been informational, and we do apologize in advance for the tourism boards of UAE, Japan, and France for causing a few Canadian folks to re-consider their next vacation.

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