Buddrop Presents: The Six Deadly Strains

Within our modern, technology dependent society, there exists an ongoing and pertinent topic of conversation, one intrinsically difficult question that : has technology come too far? The answers to this question weigh heavily on whom you ask; tinfoil hat wearing, AI fearing skeptics are far more likely to produce entirely different answers than professional scientists, athletes, or politicians.

Pictured: Desmond Butters, MD/NBA prospect

While we cannot speak on behalf of the entire marijuana community, we here at Buddrop are quick to the draw when we say that- no, technology has not come too far. Without ongoing advancements in the realms of cultivation, cross-breeding, and environmental manipulation, we would not be gifted with the hazy blessings provided by the ever expanding varieties of weed products that exist on the market today. If you think that premium Supernova extractions grow on trees, think again.

The hard working men and women behind this continuous evolution have a lot of power over how their clients (and themselves probably) consume cannabis, and, as Bruce Wayne’s father declared moments before being shot by Voldemort, ‘with great power comes great responsibility’.


Okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic. Their responsibilities are primarily based around the endeavour of getting people as high as possible, both for medicinal and recreational reasons. Our responsibility as a distributor of these fine products is to share our personal recommendations, just so our reader base can help determine which one of our advanced strains is right for them. Here are but a few of our finest smokeable products:


White Widow Cheese

For many moons White Widow has been recognized as a stellar indica-dominant hybrid, mostly due to the fact that it has an astoundingly high THC content and is also relatively easy to grow. In a startling turn of events, White Widow has recently been cross-bred with the uniquely aromatic UK Cheese, producing a bud that is both flowery yet skunky in its taste and smell. This weed is, for lack of a better word, dank, and produces a energetic and euphoric high, perfect for partaking in before engaging in outdoor activities such as lounging on a sandy beach.

We couldn’t resist



Supernova is one of our most popular strains for a reason. Not only is it absolutely bursting with THC, with levels sometimes reaching up to 25%, but it also captures the ideal balance between sativas and indicas, producing a mellow hybrid high that is sure to put even the most experiences stoners in their place. If you are looking to be relaxed, euphoric, and are in the market for some creative, introspective thinking, then this one is for you.

Although this bud has become a staple in many Canadian head shops, it actually originates from the marijuana mecca: Amsterdam. Over the years it has undergone a number of name changes, as it was formerly just known as ‘Chronic’. That’s right, this stuff is the original Chronic. Let that sink in.

‘Weed is cool’- Dr. Dre


Green Goddess

Like feeling uplifted and energized? We sure hope so, because if not you should really seek some professional help. Green Goddess is known for it’s medicinal qualities, and is primarily used to treat prevailing conditions such as ADD, fatigue, and chronic pain. Its consumption makes a fantastic addition to any dinner parties or social occasion, and users will find themselves rewarded by its sociable and stimulating effects.

If there is one thing about this strain that is truly astounding, it has to be it’s citrusy, floral aroma. The term ‘goddess’ is quite relevant here; when it comes to taste and smell, as there are few varieties of cannabis that can hold a candle to the delicious qualities contained within this plant.


Strawberry Jerry

Not only does this strain have a name that draws parallels to an exceptionally trippy unreleased Seinfeld episode, but it also has a knack to creep up on it’s users in an unexpectedly potent manner.

We’re getting lit, Jerry!

Unsurprisingly, this strain basically tastes like heaven, with the flavour of its smoke often drawing comparisons to a bowl of strawberries and whipped cream. Strawberry Jerry is perfect for those unfortunate smokers who find that they experience paranoia or anxiety upon indulging in smokeable goods, as it produces a body high that is relaxing and uplifting. Novice smokers may want to chill out on the blunt rotation, however, as the Jerry is notorious for sneaking up on those who aren’t prepared for it’s Sativa-y (not a word, but it’s our blog, sue us) embrace.


THC Snow

Christmas may still be a ways away, but that doesn’t mean that blizzards of sweet THC crystals aren’t part of the 7-day forecast. This indica dominant hybrid combines not one, not two, but three strains: Big Bud, White Russian, and THC Bomb, a potent combination that is sure to put even the Al Roker’s of stoners right onto their behinds.

No caption required

The high THC content of this remarkable testament to weed growing technology has caused it to become a staple as a remedy for insomnia, stress, and anxiety. Don’t be fooled by the light flavour and aroma, this potent strain is better suited to lounging on the couch and diving into a book or some Netflix as opposed to busting it out at a party.

Unless you want to bankrupt the nearest pizza place. Whatever floats your boat.

‘Anyone else feeling a little weird?’


Sour Tangerine

Maybe it’s just an overbearing case of the munchies, but don’t you ever find that the names of some strains have you feeling hungry? If Sour Tangerine’s name doesn’t have you salivating, then its pungent, citrusy aroma certainly will. All of you sativa lovers out there should take note of this strain, which is widely acknowledged as offering the ideal day-time high.

One thing to be cautious of when it comes to indulging in these euphoria inducing buds is the harsh taste. Get past the initial coughing fit and the user will find themselves ready to socialize, relax, and also able to take advantage of the profound mental clarity that the strain is known for. Delicious.

Go interplanetary, friends

Whether or not you think technology has come too far… we really don’t care. Thanks to the science-backed efforts of the fine marijuana scientists and horticulturalists out there, we should consider ourselves fortunate to have access to the unflinchingly awesome strains listed above. If you need any more information regarding more of the awesome strains that we deliver on demand, don’t hesitate to reach out through this link and ask away!

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