Marijuana easy way

Marijuana, The Easy Way For Beginners

Just as with every new experience, your first impressions can be the difference between a long and enjoyable relationship with marijuana and a bad trip you won’t care to repeat.

Whether you have never tried marijuana before or you’ve had a bad single experience many many years ago and would like to give it another try, it’s important to keep a few things in mind.

If you don’t know how to swim, you’d want to jump into the deep side of the pool. Too risky and you’ll freak out. The way to go about it is to dip your feet where the water is shallow and calm. Then ease yourself in as the water barely reaches your waist. From then on it’s baby steps as you learn to keep your body afloat and use your arms and legs to move your body around in the water.

Your love affair with marijuana follows the same logic.

For people who are not used to the psychoactive effects of marijuana, THC might trigger negative emotions if not managed properly. You might have heard some of those horror stories before. How marijuana novices got anxious or paranoid the first time they had the substance.

It’s not THC, it’s the way you overwhelmed your system with a high dose of it that caused these undesirable side effects.

Here are a few tips to help you get to know cannabis better and ensure that the fun goes on and the passion is everlasting.

Marijuana easy way

Choose your strains wisely

We just mentioned THC as the main cause for the problems cannabis newcomers face early on. So obviously this is your starting point.

If all strains look the same to you and you can’t tell which is the one for your low-tolerance of the chemical, opt for a strain that has low-THC and is high on CBD.

CBD is the ingredient in cannabis that doesn’t get you high. It has many therapeutic properties and can boost your body’s immune system, metabolism, increase your tolerance to pain and ease your anxiety and fears. In other words, CBD is the opposite of THC and you’ll need a strain that has more CBD and less THC. Because of your low tolerance to marijuana, you won’t need a foot-long cone to get you high. You want a strain to get you calm, relaxed, euphoric, happy, and focused.

When you browse our shop you will find many strains that are good for you to start with. You can try Sweet Widow and Bubba Kush for a pleasant and mild first experience.

Once you have built up a tolerance for THC you can start moving toward balanced strains that have equal parts THC and CBD.

Marijuana easy way

Easy does it with THC

Now that your system has got some tolerance to THC you can get experimenting. There are a lot of cannabis strains out there, both indica and sativa that you can try out. Each strain that belongs to each of those main groups has its own qualities, flavors, aromas, positive effects, and uses.

But since you’re new to this, it’s better to take your time and follow the tried and tested axiom of baby steps. Choosing the right setting and company is just as important as choosing the best strain.

Make sure you’re in a quiet place where nothing might freak you out. Also having friends you trust who are experienced in cannabis would help calm your fears and anxieties.

Start with a low dose. A few puffs of a joint, a small bite of an edible, or a few drags on the vaping pen. When you feel a buzz in your head or a little numbness, stop.

Your body is reacting well to the green herb and you don’t want to overdo it. Take a break and savor the experience. Just go with it and let it wash over you. When you’re offered another hit, decline. Give yourself time to enjoy the pleasant feelings and sensations.

At this point getting more marijuana in your system will not increase the intensity of the experience and might trigger adverse side effects like paranoia and anxiety.

After a half hour to an hour, you can have a few more hits.

Remember not to rush it. You’re not trying to get high fast because you would shock your system and miss out on the pleasant stages of the journey. Think of it this way: the high is not your destination, what matters is the journey itself.

Marijuana easy way

Smoking, Vaping, and Edibles

Apart from all of that, you need to consider how you will consume cannabis. Some ways are more potent and deliver a high dose of THC to your system in a short time. Other methods are benign and mild and will get you the desired results but in a manner that suits people with low tolerance to cannabis.

Smoking is the most potent. While in theory, you can control how much THC you can take in by managing the number of hits, in practice, it’s not so easy. Besides the known risks of inhaling smoke, smoking a strong strain can sweep you off your feet after a few puffs. This is why smoking is not recommended for beginners. Other sensations like a burning throat, the taste of the smoke in the mouth especially with some pungent strains might put you off the whole thing.

Vaping, on the other hand, is easy on the tongue and the lungs. Here you have better control over the dosage than with smoking. You also avoid smoking and its known health hazards. Also, there’s no stink which means neither your couch nor clothes will have the telltale signs of cannabis smoking.

Edibles are somewhere in between those two. Its effects last longer than both smoking and vaping but they also take anything from an hour to two hours to kick in. Take small bites at the beginning and go slow. If you get it right you’ll enjoy hours of relaxation and pure bliss.


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