Fitness and marijuana

Best Workout Activities Done While High

You probably have heard it before that marijuana and exercising don’t mix. Well, don’t believe a word of it. It’s a blatant lie.

Now the marijuana haters would tell you that the herb will make you mellow and lazy and not willing to leave your couch. You take a hit and your will and motivation to exercise nosedives out the window. You tie your shoelaces on your right foot getting ready to hit the gym, eat an edible and bam, you’re lying on your back with no recollection of your previous plans with one bare foot dangling by the side of the couch.

All lies.

The first thing you notice about these claims is that there seems to be an affinity between pot lovers and couches. There’s always a couch where weed is involved. It’s like people don’t smoke marijuana in bedrooms anymore.

The other thing that is flawed in this illogical premise is that it assumes that once you get a hit from your bong or vape or consume an edible, you lose control over your mental faculties, forget about time, and space out like a teen virgin watching porn for the first time.

The truth is marijuana and sports go hand in hand like peas in a pod. Just ask NBA star Matt Barnes. The guy used to smoke weed before training sessions. Every. Single. Night.

But Matt Barnes isn’t the only athlete who smokes weed. Lots of NFL players use weed to alleviate the aching and pain that is synonymous with competitive sports.

So if it’s good for professional A-list footballers, why wouldn’t be good for you?

That doesn’t mean that marijuana is good for every workout routine out there. Not at all. HIIT, for example, would be extra difficult after some me time with a fat joint.

However, marijuana will do nicely with these wholesome activities:

Fitness and marijuana


We all love jogging. The great outdoors, the fresh air, and the beautiful scenery. It’s just sublime. Until it’s not. You get tired ten minutes into your run. You’re winded. You’re wheezing. You clutch your chest and try to push yourself. One step, then another. You’re doing it. By the time you get home, you’re totally exhausted. And the next day the aching sets in.

Not a good way to exercise and stay fit, right?

That’s where marijuana can help. For one thing, it raises your pain tolerance. You will sail through your jogging like a literal stroll in the park. Instead of focusing on the annoying pains you take in the beauty of nature all around you.

And the mornings after are less achy too. Your muscles will complain less if you smoke a joint before you start jogging. Don’t overdo it though. You still want to exercise and not turn your jogging into a lazy walk. Also, remember to stay hydrated. That’s the best way to keep away joint pain and aching.

Fitness and marijuana


Yoga and marijuana have a lot in common. They both lead to deep relaxation and a fuzzy warm feeling of being one with the world. In the case of cannabis that depends on the strain you smoke of course.

But the point is, they both compliment each other. We do yoga to benefit both our mind and our body. A calm and relaxed mind is better equipped to handle whatever life throws our way. As for the body, the more flexible and fit you get, the healthier you are.

But sometimes yoga, like a bad strain, can cause adverse effects. Instead of getting flexible you might end up with a twisted joint. That’s why weed before yoga can help your body relax and increase your flexibility.

No matter your age group, body shape, or level of daily activity, yoga can help everybody. Do it with weed and you’ll get through the difficult poses like a pro.

Fitness and marijuana


Just like jogging, getting on a bicycle is a good way to get close to nature and get some fresh air. But cycling offers you a better workout than jogging especially for your lower body. Think thighs, hips, lower back, and glutes. It’s also an enjoyable way to burn calories and lose weight fast. Choose a good sturdy bike and get your bottle of water and your favorite music. Those two will keep you comfortable during your cycling journey.

Pick your trail carefully. If you’re just starting and don’t have much experience then you need to build up your stamina with an easy trail. Once your tolerance picks up then you can choose slopes and elevated trails. These will give you a great cardio workout and get the blood pumping in your veins.

Now as with other sports, you will experience muscle tear, aching, and pain in unspecified parts of your body. That’s normal even for professional athletes. The more you work your body the more likely your muscle tissues will wear out. The morning after your cycling trip you’re bound to experience pain as your muscles heal.

Smoking a join, vaping, or eating an edible before you do your cycling exercise will help you sail through this discomfort. Not to mention that cycling becomes even more enjoyable with the wind in your hair and a buzz in your head.

A little buzz is all you need, though. You don’t want to cycle while baked.

Fitness and marijuana

At the gym

We mentioned that certain exercise routines at the gym are best done without the help of marijuana. Anything that requires extra concentration and really pushing it hard like HIIT or pumping iron, you should do it sober.

But other exercises could do with some help from your bong. The treadmill is one such piece of equipment. Because, as we all know, it can get boring as you work that machine.

Working out doesn’t have to be all pain and sweating. Remember to enjoy your exercises to get the best out of them. And what better way to build stamina, ease the pain and increase your fitness levels than with a good hit?


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