Great White Smoke: Northern Canada’s Must-See Stoner Sights

Just a small hike.

‘Even the strongest eagle cannot soar higher than the stars’ – Ancient Inuit proverb

Perhaps it’s just the Quarry Honey Oil creeping up on us, but damn is that quote ever badass… Or maybe it’s the fact that these words provoke stunning imagery of the wild, untamed North. Or, you know, a little bit of both. Regardless, the culture of Canada’s Inuit population is something to be admired as they are a tough, resilient people who have proven time and time again to possess unfathomable knowledge about the chilly world that surrounds them.

You know what else they have? A (fairly new) word for marijuana:


Just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? This new term was recently created in lieu of legalization soon sweeping Canada’s great white North (and virtually everywhere else as well). The reason it took so long for such a term to spring into existence is due to the fact that weed doesn’t grow particularly well in the frequently frigid areas that comprise the vast majority of our country. This, fortunately enough, doesn’t mean that there is a lack of interesting things to do and places to see in the North whilst under the influence.

‘Just steam’

When people think of fantastic places to experience in a hazy state of being, they tend to overlook some of the most stunning natural scenery and intriguing localities that Canada has to offer. In order to bring attention to some of our favourite stoner activities to partake in while travelling up North, and also to celebrate the inclusion of this savvy new word (say it again- Surrr-arrr-naq-tuq, feels good, right?) we here at Buddrop have tossed together a list of some of the more intriguing sights and endeavours that one may encounter while travelling Northwards:


Twin Falls Territorial Park:


If you’ve ever wanted to post up beside two awe-inspiring waterfalls, ones that resemble Niagara Falls in both water volume and natural splendour (except entirely owned by Canada hehe), and perhaps spark up a series of mind-melting blunts… look no further. This epic park, located off the fabled Mackenzie Highway near the community of Enterprise, is ungodly in it’s awesomeness. Twin Falls is the perfect spot for campers and adventurers looking for something a little different, and there are some phenomenal hikes and trails to be experienced in the surrounding region. The campgrounds are well kept, the locals are friendly, and the wildlife magnificent.

Not pictured: phoenix tears

If you want to make the most of your time here, we strongly recommend ingesting a reasonable amount of edibles and finding the staircase that lead behind the tempestuous Louise Falls. From this vantage point, you can look out on the river below through the actual waterfall. We don’t have religious affiliations at Buddrop, but this vantage point may actually lead to you transcending space and time. In a good way. The Alexandria Falls that lie down the trail are equally impressive, and offer the perfect wall of white noise to drown out the hustle and bustle of the home you left behind.


Yukon Suspension Bridge:

Please, don’t shake it.

Afraid of heights? How about a breakneck fall into a deadly cold river? Do not fear, Yukon Suspension Bridge offers a large dose of the former, and none of the latter. Located off the Klondike Highway, just near Whitehorse, the bridge itself is a mind bending and very insta-friendly feat of engineering. Stepping over the swinging bridge after covertly sneaking some bong chops was something that we found to be at first terrifying, then immediately calming. Being able to take in the scenery while the water rushes below is a unique experience that we cannot recommend enough.


Sledding! With Dogs:

Not pictured: yellow snow.

Who knew that such an ideal combo could exist? There are a number of locations throughout the more populated areas of the North that offer sled dog tours, with one of the most prominent originating in Yellowknife. Going on one of these tours in a dog lovers dream, and is an experience that drives home the sheer power and discipline that has made these beasts such a staple of northern cultures.

All three of these people (and at least one dog) are under the influence.

You know the routine: take some smokables before the ride and you will find yourself out of your mind, cruising across the snow as if you were floating on clouds.

Well, the foot long cone works.

We don’t want to speak on behalf of those that run these tours and state that your satisfaction is guaranteed, but…. Huskies. Sledding. Weed (optional). Yeah, you’re going to have a good time.


Great Bear Lake:

Jacket: highly recommended. Pants too.

This item steals a spot on the list not because of accessibility, but due to the fact that it defies the laws of nature with its immense size and intriguing local backstory. This enormous body of water is the eighth largest lake in the world, and is even bigger than fucking Belgium, making it an absolutely breathtaking sight to behold. The only settlement along it’s shores is the fishing town of Deline, a tiny collection of homes that specialize in fishing. If you are willing to take the journey up to this spot during the summer season, be sure to bring lots of sticky icky, as the natural splendour is likely to put you on your ass even more than the dankest of indicas.

Sorry bud.

One of our favourite dimensions of this vastly uncharted body of water is the Inuit legend that surrounds it. According to ancient oral tradition, this lake will stand as a great source of water following a drought that is set to devastate the world. The story states that people will flock from all over the world in order to obtain the fresh water and bounty of fish that the lake holds. Whether this tale will come true or not remains to be seen, but holy mackerel does that give us something to think about. Okay, maybe the honey oil is setting in a little bit.

‘It doesn’t get nicer than this’- Dad.

Sadly enough, this spot is generally accessible only via airplane and is available to only the bravest of adventurers.


Northern Lights:


The surrarnaqtuq is really kicking in now. You look up in the sky and effervescent ribbons of colour, streams of emerald and lilac blazing across the silent sky, swaying and elongating as far as the eye can see. Oh, wait. Those are actually just the Northern Lights, literally one of the most beautiful things that the human eye can see. These legendary optical formations, which are created by photons of light reflecting off the atmosphere, have quite the reputation for being awe inspiring. Although there are a number of places where one may view the Northern Lights, word on the street is that Yellowknife is a prime location to get one of the best vantage points.

Van’s got some real power.

Despite this blog being very marijuana-centric, we don’t even feel the need to mention that marijuana will make your visual experience even more riveting; if you’ve read this far, you’re already planning which strain will compliment your road trip best.


Actually, wait.


There is a fantastic strain named after this astonishing phenomenon, a deadly indica named Northern Lights.

We’ll never know which one was named first, but it is easy to determine that they are both dank.

Unreasonably awesome.

As a company that is rooted in Vancouver, British Columbia, we here at Buddrop are accustomed to being surrounded by natural beauty, and our highs only reach higher heights through our experiences with the great outdoors. All of Canada has a lot to offer when it comes to inspiring scenery, but, honestly, it is hard to beat some of the aforementioned locations that our Northern territories have to offer. From speedy sled dogs and gushing waterfalls to untouched shores and rickety bridges, nature enthusiasts will find themselves in heaven. Combine these sights with a little bit of that surrarnaqtuq (thanks again to the Inuit for the rad name) and you won’t want to leave.

Maybe keep this snowman away from the kids.

Note: We value the life and safety of our readers and recommend that you practice the utmost care when visiting the outdoor locations on this list. If you are going to smoke bud and go on an adventure, keep your wits about you, watch out for fucking polar bears, and ensure that you are well equipped. Gorgeous as these places are, being a human popsicle is not a pleasant experience.


Don’t let this deter you, adventurous stoner. The great white North awaits.

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