Stoned On The East Coast: Newfoundland’s Most Tokeable Spots


As of October 17th, 2018, weed will be absolutely fucking legal across all of Canada.

If you are reading this, well, this probably isn’t news to you. In fact, chances are you either have a legitimate medical prescription or have decided to roll your blunts away from the watchful eyes of the law. Regardless of your situation, we believe that the legalization process is something that is worthy of celebration across the entirety of our great green nation.

Although places like Vancouver and Toronto have the rep of being exceptionally smoke friendly, we here at Buddrop know for a fact that the festivities will be extended to all corners of Canada, and want to make sure that everyone is prepped up with not only some sweet, sticky sensimilla, but also some exceptional places to go get stoned (FYI underlining words makes them more important). With that in mind, we have tossed together a list of some exceptional places that our extended pot family in Newfoundland can go visit once October 17th rolls around.

Or, you know. Immediately after reading this blog post.

1.) Ocean Sciences Centre

Where did the haze come from?

St John’s, being the most Eastern city in Canada, is (guess what) right by the freaking ocean. Rather than going to the trouble of donning a wetsuit and scuba gear to find some cool sea life, you can just visit this spot, located near the St John’s airport.

Although families often visit the Centre, get a couple bong rips deep and you will discover that there is plenty for a stoner to experience as well. Not only do you get to learn some rad things about the surrounding environment, but there are also touching pools and goddamn adorable seals and sea lions to keep you occupied. Last, but not least, the centre itself offers a spectacular view and is also in close proximity to the Globally renowned East Coast Trail hike.

2.) Signal Hill

That shade of green though…

Exercise and history! Wow! Excited yet? On paper that combo may not sound particularly intriguing to some, but believe us when we say that Signal Hill offers sights to behold and lessons to be learned. If you hike to the very top of this historically significant locale, you will be greeted by an absolutely breath-taking view of the city and the surrounding ocean, a true feast for your bloodshot eyes.

There are a variety of trails upon the hillside with varying levels of difficulty, and one can choose to be challenged by an impressive array of stone staircases or simply take a leisurely stroll near the visitor’s centre area.

Since this spot has played an important military role in Canada’s past, there are ancient fortifications and even large cannons that dot the terrain. These big old timey guns are fired at Noon every day, so don’t be alarmed by the booming sound, it certainly isn’t the army coming along to raid your stash.

Disclaimer: it’s very windy up here, so bring a friend or torch lighter for some well protected smoking.

3.) Bannerman Park

Rain or shine, this park is a beauty.

For the multitude of marijuana enthusiasts who enjoy spending a nice summer’s day having a munchies based outdoor picnic, Bannerman Park is the place to be. Hell, it’s even pretty nice during the winter, provided that you remember to insulate yourself like an Inuit on Christmas. This spot is ideal for posting up with a hammock and some good friends as well as some sweet mary jane (vapes and edibles may be the way to go for this one). Other than the relaxing vibes and natural charm of the area, there happen to be some phenomenal spots to grab a bite to eat in the surrounding neighbourhood, including some outstanding bakeries and pizzerias.

4.) Jellybean Row


If there were one vital component to enjoying a nice stoned romp around town, we would have to say that it is aesthetic. The aptly named Jellybean Row, located just off Duckworth St. in St. John’s, looks literally like it sprung from a Norwegian fairy tale.

This row of brightly painted homes is a landmark of the city, and is perfectly suited to boggle the semi-inebriated mind of any stoned folk who stumble across it. Added bonus: the kind people of St. John’s, even those who aren’t under the influence, are always ready to greet strangers with a friendly smile.

One of our favourite types of Newfie.

5.) Suncor Fluvarium

Trippy, man.

Other than having a bitchingly cool name, this research-base-turned-tourist-attraction offers some fascinating insights into local ecosystems and is a must-see for all of you science oriented stoners out there. Even those who don’t normally envelop themselves in the natural world will find something interesting, including some magnificent scenery and a multitude of trails and paths.

The name of the game here: water. The intelligent and personable staff who run this place are experts in everything H2O, with their specialty revolving around the various species that dwell within the region. Our favourite component of the Fluvarium would have to be a viewing window that allows visitors to gaze directly into the fascinating depths of the local river. Just be warned, the salmon that you spot aren’t actually for eating, and most of the water isn’t the best choice to soothe your pasties. Snacks, water bottle, and maybe a vaporizer to cheekily toke before you enter the compound are all vital ingredients to the perfect preparedness kit.

A trio of marijuana enthusiasts out for a visit.
Caption not required.

This maritime paradise has so much to offer in terms of natural splendour and interesting attractions that even the most picky pot user will find something of interest. Whether you are young, old, stoned, or sober, there is nothing on this list that won’t fill you with awe, wonderment, the munchies, and basically all Disney trademarked emotions. October 17th may still be a ways away, so get out to these spots before the cold kicks back in!

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