6 Safety Tips For Marijuana Smokers

Now that it’s legal, or at least it will be in less than two months from now, you must be curious about the best way to smoke weed. With all the fuss about legalizing marijuana, nobody can blame you for wanting to try it. It seems everybody else is doing it too, so why not you, right? I mean it can’t be more complicated than rolling a spliff and smoking it in your room or with your buddies. What could go wrong?

Well, a lot could wrong.

If you’re new to marijuana smoking, then you need to ease yourself into it.

It’s like when you were learning to swim for the first time. You just didn’t go to the deep end of the pool and jump in, did you? I’m guessing you didn’t or you wouldn’t be reading this now.

The same thing goes for smoking marijuana.

There are things to keep in mind as you step into the wondrous world of cannabis.

Here are a few tips to make your ganja journey as safe and pleasurable as possible.

tips for marijuana smokers

Lower your expectations

Marijuana smoking is a lot like sex. In that the first time you do it, it might not live up to your expectations. This is especially true if you have been thinking about it a lot before actually putting the first bong against your lips.

Your imagination has been running wild and conjuring up images of ecstasy, bliss, and unfathomable wonders.

But when you take your first puff nothing happens. You may cough a little or a lot, but that’s it. You take another puff. But the magic door remains locked. You were not transported to the land of the unicorn. You didn’t get high. What’s wrong? You didn’t do it right?

No. You did it right. But for many people, the first time isn’t as glamorous as they’d imagined. The good news is, it gets better from there. So if your first blunt doesn’t get you high, don’t worry. The next one will send you down the rabbit hole in a heartbeat.


tips for marijuana smokers

Take it in

Now smoking weed is a little trickier than, say eating edibles. The reason is you might be tempted not to inhale the smoke. But this would have the same effect as chewing on a nice edible then instead of swallowing you spit it out.

You won’t get high that way, right?

And guess what? You won’t get high by filling your mouth with smoke then blowing it out either. You need to take this smoke down and holding it in your lungs.

This will give the active ingredients of marijuana time to be absorbed into your bloodstream and get you the buzz you’re looking for.


tips for marijuana smokers

Drink a lot of water

If you thought that being stoned won’t give you a hangover, think again. That’s something getting drunk and toking have in common. The next morning is a morning from hell with bleary eyes and a head-splitting headache.

And the cause in both cases is the same: dehydration.

So do yourself a big favor and drink a lot of water both before and after your toking marathon.

When you smoke weed you get thirsty, but you’re too high to notice. Then you go to sleep for hours. During that time your body is screaming for water but of course, you’re in no condition to do anything about it. So when you wake up your system is so dehydrated you’re ready to be mummified like a Tibetan monk.


tips for marijuana smokers

Beware the munchies

Speaking of thirst, here’s something else to plan for in advance.


Ravenous, bottomless, unyielding hunger.

It’s called the munchies and it’s real. If you don’t have something ready to eat in your fridge prepare something well ahead of your smoking session. Make sandwiches or a healthy snack and have it ready.

Or you could have a food delivery service on your phone. One that works 24/7 will come in handy. Because when hunger strikes, and it will, you will running around your neighborhood in the middle of the night looking for a food place open at this hour. And you’ll eat just about anything at the time.


tips for marijuana smokers

Choose your group

Smoking weed is just as fun as the people you’re smoking with. If there’s a bad vibe in the air, the trip won’t be a pleasant one. And believe me, you don’t want to stir the dark shadows lurking just below the surface of your consciousness.

It’s not a nice experience.

It’s true everyone ends up taking their own separate path once the dragon beckons, but the social interaction that precedes such a celestial call can decide the tone of the journey.

But it’s not just that everyone should be getting along fine. There’s another risk with smoking something new or more importantly something you haven’t seen being rolled in front of you.

Someone you don’t know in the group offers you a blunt to smoke? Decline politely saying you’ve had enough. It’s not just drinks that get spiked, you know.


tips for marijuana smokers

How much is enough

Now that is a very important question. And no one can answer it for you. You’re the only one who knows your body limits. For some people, a few puffs from a joint is all they need to get a buzz.

Others, however, have a high tolerance to weed and they need a few fat blunts to get them high. This doesn’t mean they’re tough or have superhuman powers.

Our systems respond to marijuana differently, that’s all.

You’re not competing with others to see who smokes more. This is not the setting to show off.

Remember, this is marijuana and you’re doing this to enjoy yourself and have fun. Too much of it can have adverse effects on your body.

So know your limits and learn to listen to the signs your body gives you. Which is another good reason to smoke with a group of friends you trust.

Have fun with ganja!


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