Cannabis Facts That You Haven’t Heard A Thousand Times

For generations, marijuana enthusiasts both young and old have struck out from the comfort of their couches and hammocks to acquire something more tangible and (perhaps) more important than a relaxing high. This, of course, is knowledge. While this may sound a little questionable upon first glance, never forget those college days spent watching Part Four of that Alexander the Great special on the History Channel, or that elderly gentleman down the street who would toke you up and engage in deep philosophical discussions. Hell, there is even evidence that some of the greatest thinkers of our generation, including William Shakespeare, James Munroe, and the goddamn Ancient Egyptians, were avid smokers of both hashish and marijuana. And don’t even get us started about the role that potent strains have played in the practice of meditation; an important practice or ritual that many cultures believe opens gateways to knowledge, introspection, and even paradise. 

We here at Buddrop fully endorse inter-mingling your hits of Gods Blue Cough and Phyto Extractions with a little bit of learning and intelligent conversation. Since we are, in fact, a dispensary (shocker), for this week’s article we have decided to toss together some intriguing facts that you can use to impress and awe at your next smoke circle. Through our carefully orchestrated research, we have discovered that not only are there a ton of things out there that it turns out we didn’t actually know, but a lot of these things actually relate directly to weed. Read on.

  1. Ever Bought Pot Online? Since the early 2000s, the Internet has become so deeply engrained within our everyday lives that it is sometimes a little difficult to think back on a time when it didn’t exist. Some of our more tech-savvy followers may be familiar with a system called ARPANET, a precursor to the World Wide Web that was first conceived at UCLA back in 1969. Yes, a college campus in California, in the 60s. You may have a guess as to where this is going. A couple years into ARPANET’s trial runs, two groups of students at the prestigious Stanford and MIT universities’ who, at the time, did not have access to a great marijuana delivery service such as Buddrop, cheekily decided to use this new technology to purchase sensimilla off one another. Was this legal? At the time, of course not. Was it the start of something great? We think so.
  2. Hollyweed, 1976: Quite a few of us likely remember the hijinks of renowned prankster Steve-O circa New Years 2017, when someone (hint: it was Steve-O), changed the entire Hollywood sign so that it read ‘Hollyweed’. This was an achievement in many ways, especially when one considers that the sign is 44 feet tall and over 350 feet long. What many don’t realize is that this gag actually pays homage to the work of art student Danny Finegood, who worked his magic on the sign all the way back in 1976. Both alterations of the iconic structure were caused in response to a slackening of marijuana control laws within California, and neither pranks did any sort of damage, and were in fact both shrugged aside by law enforcement. The best part about Danny’s story? Guy stated that his work was an art project, and actually was awarded an ‘A’ by his professor. Gangster.
  3. World’s Best Interrogation Tool: From Project MKUltra to ‘Enhanced Interrogation Techniques’, most of us have at least heard of some of the CIA’s questionable methods of obtaining information from their captives. What many do not know is that marijuana was actually one of the first substances that was used in order to extract secretive and sensitive intelligence. By craftily dripping THC concentrate into the cigarettes of their prisoners, interrogators were able to secretively relax those being questioned, ultimately using this inebriated state to their advantage. Every sort of 1940s bad guy you can imagine, from Nazis to Italian Mafioso types, were used as test subjects, often with positive results… Unfortunately, we aren’t on the CIA’s wanted list.
  4. Gender-Bender: Following a long line of ‘budding’ research experiments, psychologist Rebecca Craft in 2014 made a surprising discovery while testing cannabis products on rats at Washington State University. Through her experiments she determined that THC actually may have more potent painkilling effects for females as opposed to males. The reasons for this, while not immediately apparent, are likely related to higher levels of estrogen within her lady rat subjects. What we really want to know is, did Rebecca sneak some test medicine for herself?

Feeling smarter yet? Hopefully these facts have aroused your attention, and may potentially serve as a form of intelligent ammunition at your next smoke circle. Centuries ago, some rich dude said something along the lines of ‘knowledge is power’. We want to continue this age-old mantra, and perhaps add our own clause- ‘weed knowledge is powerful’. Okay, maybe that doesn’t have the same ring to it. Either way, hope you guys enjoyed the information, adios until next time. 


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