Ever Been To Vansterdam? Four Spots That Prove Vancouver Is A Stoner’s Haven

Ever heard the expression ‘the grass is greener on the other side’? Of course you have. We here at Buddrop have heard it in one two many movies and, if we’re being perfectly honest, aren’t the biggest fans; aside from being the world’s biggest cliché it does a poor job of capturing the vibes that a city such as Vancouver is known to exhibit. Not only are we known for our gorgeous scenery and progressive environmental practices (cough-voted 4th greenest city in the world-cough) but we are also a Global destination for the acquisition and consumption of, you guessed it, marijuana. From White Widow Cheese to Cracker Jack and Purple God, the bud selection that this West Coast city has to offer is unprecedented, and has aptly lead to British Columbia’s Lower Mainland earning the moniker of ‘Vansterdam’.
Now, that isn’t to say that the rest of Canada isn’t rapidly catching up. Toronto and Montreal have booming pot markets while the Maritime provinces have been puffing away for decades (Nova Scotians toke more on average than BC residents). If we had to recommend just one of these destinations to a curious weed-tourist, however, there is just one single factor that we believe places Vancouver a single peg above the others: the number of exceptional blazing spots. As we mentioned, there is plenty of scenic splendour within the region. When coupled with some of the finest greenery that the World has to offer… well, that’s a deadly combo. If you disagree with this statement, or simply want to wholeheartedly embrace some of the most exceptional and eye opening toking locations out there, look no further. I mean, you could look further, but you’d be wasting precious time. Because we have a list of some of our favourites, right here on this page. Just remember, some of these are outdoor spots that could be prone to wildfires during the summer and, although figuratively burning trees is a good way to spend a lazy day, we strongly advise that you pack along a vape rather than any flammable sensimilla products.

1. Eagle’s Bluff: For all you cardio fans out there, this hike may be familiar to you. Situated atop of Cypress mountain, the trail starts off with a sharp and steady incline. Unless you are one of those gifted folks who enjoys a couple of chops prior to diving into some exercise, we usually recommend you wait until the path evens out prior to sparking up. The good news is, once you get that so called ‘hiking’ portion out of the way, you are greeted by an easy-going path that is dotted with gorgeous lakes and lavish viewpoints. The end of your hazy journey will culminate in one of the most epic views ever. Honestly, the Eagle’s Bluff provides a vantage point over the lower mainland like none other, and will take your breath away (maybe take a seat before you light up). After the initial calf burner of a hike, the walk down is going to feel like a breeze.

2. Burnaby Mountain Park: Unlike the aforementioned spot, this one requires a lot less hiking. If you happen to go to Simon Fraser University, then you are in luck as BMP (which coincidentally shares the initials of BC’s Marijuana Party) is about a five-minute walk away. For everyone else, well, it’s in Burnaby, not Tijuana, so get off the couch and head on over there. Downtown Vancouver and the Burrard Inlet are captured beautifully in one viewpoint, made all the better by being maybe just a little bit under the influence. BMP is fantastic and accessible year round, so you can blow clouds when there are no clouds in the sky, or post up under a tree and toke away once the rainy season kicks in. Also, don’t even get us started about how incredible the city looks with a blanket of fresh snow.

3. New Amsterdam Café: For all you city slickers out there, this benchmark of Canadian weed-dom is conveniently located in the heart of Vancouver, just across from the picturesque Victory Square memorial park. Here you are welcome to pick your poison, whether it be smoke, dab, or vape, and get high while surrounded by like-minded patrons. The ‘café’ in the name is not a misnomer either, as they happen to serve a collection of hot and cold treats that will satisfy even the most ravenous munchies. Their house made sandwiches are disgracefully tasty, while the sundae options are the perfect accompaniment to a hot summer’s day sesh.

4. Wreck Beach: Ahh the infamous Wreck Beach. Long has this picturesque area stood as a Vancouver landmark, attracting a broad mixture of hippies, locals, and tourists. If you can ignore the fact that it’s a nude beach (we want to say grow up, but honestly, there are some things that should remain hidden), then you will find yourself in a relaxing stoner’s paradise. This benchmark of where the sea and sand meet is truly a wonderful spot, and you will quickly discover that marijuana is a fundamental part of the culture down here. Sparking a couple joints with your friends is encouraged, and in fact actively supported, by the small army of locals who tote their smokable wares during the summer months.

If you are a visitor to Vancouver, or perhaps an enthusiastic and adventurous stoner who wants to get hazy in new places, well, we hope this article was of use to you. British Columbia offers a ton of natural splendour, and, in all honesty, we think that a little puff here and there might enhance it even more. Don’t forget to order a drop-off of some mighty fine herb before you go on your next adventure, and don’t hesitate to reach out via our website if you have any questions or want some more relaxation recommendations!


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